Intercall nurses recall
  • Intercall nurses recall
  • Intercall nurses recall
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Intercall nurses recall

 Electronic nurses recall systems, so that the person can choose the best product in the global market, which reports the patient’s request for help by tightening the key to calling. This system can also be used in hospitals, clinics, treatment centers, care homes, homes for the elderly and all service centers. Medical by sound and light alert at the location of the nursing staff, and this ensures the speedy response to the patient's request and the provision of a fast and distinguished service for patients that guarantees the preservation of their health.

The system is easy to use for all patients and allows requesting emergency cases from inside the patient rooms through call units next to the patient's bed and also inside the bathrooms, and can be used for more than one patient inside the same room. The room has a key to cancel the summons or emergency request. Also, outside the room there is a light indicating the status of the summons request.

What are the components of the system?

Emergency Panel and Battery included.

Attendance and cancellation unit.

Tall Calling Cord.

Bathroom lift and Celling Pull.

Over door light.

Main board:

The main board is fixed at reception and has a red indicator light that shows a red light on the patient’s request for emergencies. The board produces a sound to alert the reception nurse of the presence of a request from one of the patients in one of the rooms or bathrooms. The board is equipped with a button to make the alarm separate without canceling the light source.

Technical specifications

10-line / 20-line / 30-line panels available

2 It is possible to connect more than one board to the same system

3 - The board shows the room number or bed number according to the delivery

4 220V power source

Attendance and Cancellation Unit:

When the patient requests an emergency, the panel works to guide the reception nurse on the room number and a red light bulb lights up on the door of the patient's recalled room and in the presence of the nurse to the room, she cancels the request from the cancellation unit.

More than one bed can be attached to one cancellation unit

More than one cancellation unit can be connected to a single LED.

Equipped with a lamp showing the status of the recall.

Summons by a card placed next to the patient or a call-up on the top of the bed

Bathroom Lift:

It is placed next to or above the base of the Willet when requesting the emergency. The patient tightens the tension, so the bulb lights out of the room and an emergency appears on the main board when nursing

A bundle is made with the cancellation unit.

When the severity of an emergency is expressed in the room.

Indicator bulb:

One or two-color bulb

The bulb is placed on top of the room and bathroom door from the outside, to see if there is an emergency inside the room or bathroom

More than one bed can be attached to a single bulb


Available in more than one size for the indication lamp


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