Datalogics cachier system
  • Datalogics cachier system
  • Datalogics cachier system
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Datalogics cachier system

POS Point of Sale is a system for tracking sales to facilitate the process of buying and selling, so that the store management is always aware of the sales movement and the condition of the store.  

POS Point of Sale is an easy-to-use POS system that  allows you to track sales and storage conditions. POS  offers advanced features such as automatic channel  control, balance sheet reports and profit and loss  statement at the end of the day. Some also provide an  assessment of your POS system for warehouse  management, mobility and stagnation, supplier data  and accounting.

With the development of e-services and the emergence  of cloud services, point-of-sale POS systems are now  available on cloud services such as sheets, which are  easy to use and flexible. Some systems are available on  tablets such as Store, Service, Revel or Wall mob.


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