Clothe gates
  • Clothe gates
  • Clothe gates
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Clothe gates

This type of gate is Anti-shoplifting function,  reduce goods theft lose

Automatic gain control technology don’t  need special oscilloscope for adjustment  Sound and light alarm indication

It is the latest alarm technology designed specifically for clothing and merchandise stores.

And where the gate is installed on the shop's door and the crown is installed in all the clothes in the store, which are small plastic parts that can not be removed from the clothes except through a small device located at the cashier only.

When the customer pays the cost of the commodity, the crown is removed from it and safely exit from the gate.

As for the exit and the crown is installed in the clothes, the alarm will sound a loud alarm to alert the security or the shop staff to stop the thief.

This portal is available in different sizes to suit all areas, whether internal or external.


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To provide the latest technological and security solution and communication system

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