• 6040-DV_072715_EN_final
  • 6040-DV_072715_EN_final
SKU: Autoclear

Autoclear X-Ray Model:6040-DV_072715_EN_final


The 6040-DV multi-energy X-ray scanner delivers a clear picture of hidden

explosives, weapons, drugs and other contraband in hand-carried and smallto mid-sized items. This dual-view system displays two separate, perpendicular

X-ray images to provide a complete inspection in a single scan. Our autoSoft

operating system gives a bold boost to our suite of image enhancement tools,

Ø  allowing operators to more quickly and easily manipulate image data for the

Ø  best possible picture of concealed threats.

Ø  Dual-view design provides more detailed information in one scan

Ø  Folded array rapidly images full mailbags and long or tall items

Ø  Fits in elevators, narrow halls and tight spaces 

Ø  Built on the industry’s most stable and flexible operating system 


United for technology solutions start up in 2009 in Cairo- Egypt

To provide the latest technological and security solution and communication system

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