The possibility of stopping the car engine with an SMS and determining its location with absolute accuracy

The ability to follow the car at the moment or see the periodic reports to know the car's path

The presence of a button to call for help in the case of bandits sends to 3 people identifying them on your site

Give an alert on your phone in the following cases:

Attempting to steal the vehicle - vehicle collision - raising the car - car vibration - closing the device and tampering - removing the device - disconnecting the device battery near the battery

The following reports can be retrieved at any time: -

Restoring the Sierra line is a required period of time

Report on the value of spent fuel

Report where the car stops and stops

Report the overspeed

Approx. Disconnect the car battery - Disconnect the device and its time

Report bad driving quickly in bumps

Know the current location of the car, the name of the region and the street

Watch the car live through the map - satellite - street map

The device is equipped with hidden buttons to lock and unlock

The device is equipped with an insurance unit against high temperatures and low electricity in the car

Giving an alert if the car exceeds a specified speed

Give an alert if the vehicle is over a geographical area that you define on the map

The device is equipped with an internal battery that works if the car battery is disconnected

Giving an alert if the car is lifted on a winch

Listen to what's going on by car

The system works with a system of username and password

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03 February 2020


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