UNITED technology solution

United was originally founded in 2009 as a security and communication systems provider located in Heliopolis, Cairo. we have 10 years of expertise in our security and Communication systems field. We provide and guarantee the best security and communications products which suit all your needs

Surveillance camera

Video Surveillance solutions that you can trust.

X-Ray Scanner

Inspection Systems for Cargo and Vehicle Screening.


Interactive tool to pick the right solution for your ID card program.

Fire Alarm

Choosing the right fire protection solution is critical.

Sound System

Explore our range of intercom systems & sound systems.

Metal Detectors

Large selection metal detectors for hobby and security.

Parking Systems

High Quality Automatic Parking Systems,Safe & Low Maintenance.

Explosive Detector

Detects Most Common Explosive Materials and their Precursors.

Access Control

Advanced security technologies with innovative capabilities.


Designed to protect Stores against stealing by triggering an alarm.

Turnstile gate

We offer a full line of waist high turnstiles and matching.

Time Attendance

Help in automation of attendance of the employees.

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